Yayoi Kusama


Yayoi Kusama

One of my favourite artists. I love her work because it is so colourful and child-like and because of the polka dots. I love polka dots, my great Nan had polka dots on her toothbrush mug. That is a happy memory, I felt safe and loved at my Nan’s house. This may have sowed the seeds for my love of vintage and the Laura Ashley and Cath Kidstone brands.

Yayoi Kusama also has a mental illness. In a documentary I watched about her I learned that she chose to live in a mental institution as it is the only place she feels safe . She uses it as her base but goes everyday to her studio and creates all day. I quite envy that she has almost reverted to child-like state and role, looked after, free to play all day. I can also relate to the fear of being a threat to one’s self.


2 thoughts on “Yayoi Kusama

  1. Love that image of Kusama, she completely blends into her surroundings, which is exactly the feeling of being institutionalised. I can totally relate to this because I also feel safer when confined to smaller surroundings. The shared house at university in the 90’s, watching the contestants of the big brother social experiments in the early 00’s, my 2 week stay in hospital in 2010. This will all stem from my first year of life as an infant that I spent in hospital of course. I don’t remember it, but I’m so subconsciously aware of it. I shall always live there in a way, but that’s ok…that’s how I roll.

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  2. I know what you mean Sharon. Some of my earliest memories are of the television programmes General Hospital and Angels, and “Nancy the Little Nurse” in Twinkle Magazine. I have always felt comfortable in institutions which is maybe why I have always worked in care and education. It comes in handy though since I have had to spend so much time in hospitals with Callum.


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