I shall have to try and get to this. Some good links at the bottom of other mental health/art organisations.


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This is something I’d like to see. http://graysonperrytr.com/en/  Unfortunately it’s in Turkey. 

I have always enjoyed Grayson Perry’s work. He’s a great commentator on what I like to call “real life”.  I particularly like how accurately he’s chosen the objects to depict in these tapestries which describe different “tribes” of people. 


The works of the “Vanity of Small Differences” series by the outstanding contemporary artist and 2003 Turner Prize winner, Grayson Perry, are being exhibited outside the UK for the first time in Turkey. Formed by six tapestries from the British Council Collection, the series explores the British fascination with taste and class. In his works the artist expresses his unrelenting fascination with issues of the everyday, of religion, class and identity.
According to Grayson Perry, “The social class we are in is the main element shaping our aesthetic taste.” The project focuses on the emotional investment of people in living together, dressing up, listening, reading or driving.
Perry has designed his tapestries in parallel with the three-part documentary All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry, which he prepared for Channel 4 in 2012. In the documentary Perry travels to towns and cities across the UK, investigating what ‘taste’ is and how it differs from place to place.
The dazzling observations Perry makes during his travels, act as images illustrating modern Britain’s situation. The middle-class problems, the snobbism of the upper-classes, unemployment and the effects of industrial decline on the population, are subjects reflected in Grayson Perry’s camera.


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