Poorly and overwhelmed.

I have a start of term cold which for me is a very rare occurrence although a well known phenomenon within education.

I have researched so much that I now find myself overwhelmed and in need of some serious organisation. It is very difficult to step back and reflect and analyse when I’m so switched on to my theme and keep seeing new information everywhere. My thought process keeps going off on a tangent with themes for my critical journal but there are cross-overs in the information, some research can be used for the creative practice module too and vice versa.

Anxiety has started to kick in about the time frame as well. I had thought that by working little and often I wouldn’t end up panicking about time, but it seems it’s making no difference whatsoever. How much is enough? What exactly constitutes in-depth research?

Today I need to take a step back and create some visuals for my wall at Uni which will hopefully help me to feel more in control and have a better understanding of the information I have collated so far, how it all relates to each other and to create a to do list. It’s all such a huge muddle in my head at the moment.

I also need to do a SWOT analysis for the competition task . Without knowing what I may like to propose that is going to be difficult as I have to think in very general terms not having anything specific in mind to work with.

I just want to make stuff!!!!!!


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