2 -Deptford Market

Down Deptford

“broken things and broken people” 

    Wonderful photos, wonderful people, wonderful place. I think I should go. 

I moved to New Cross about 9 years ago and started to visit the 2nd hand market 2 or 3 times a week (market days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) soon after.
A couple of years ago I finally decided that I really should try and document the community.

On a particularly grey and cold morning a friend I had invited along coined the phrase “broken things and broken people” to describe the “junk” and its regular visitors, I thought this was unfair but I could also understand how an outsider would think this and perhaps I was drawn to photograph people and things together after hearing this phrase.

The market caters for all types of collectors and dealers, specialists in records, vintage cloths, ephemera, Barbie dolls, bicycle parts, fetish gear and vintage porno mags to name but a few area of interest. Most of the items are legally removed from rubbish tips in a nearby wealthier borough, literally one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. House clearances make up the majority of the rest of the market stock I have personally spent days if not weeks looking through other people’s memories building up a collection of vernacular photographs for a as yet to be created tumblr.

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I think we can safely say I have a very good understanding about stuff and how easy it is to acquire, my kind of stuff anyway, I have no knowledge of the world of designer handbags etc. Maybe that's another avenue to go down sometime? 

I really now need to start researching space. I can't remember the names of the artists that have been mentioned to me though.  

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