4 – The Brief – 25/01/16

We received our brief today - Final Honours Project: Research and Development. 

Since the assessment I have been considering what Steven said, is this project 
moving more towards how hoarding and clutter effect function rather than how it 
effects people in the space? I am still keen to consider individual pieces of 
furniture as I create the ceramics with a view to rendering the furniture unfit 
for purpose. This idea was inspired by hanging the ceramic on the stool & chair. I think this works better than just creating abstract objects. 

Also, if it is the case that I am more interested in the relationship between the two objects and function, then am I using the right medium? Why vintage furniture 
and ceramics at all? 

Initially it was because I wanted a domestic aesthetic and I want it to have some essence of my own hoarding; furniture, fabric and knick - knacks are my thing, 
especially vintage ones. 

I am very mindful that I don't want to create something that looks like a 
charity shop. I risk doing just that by using the furniture to create some kind of
maze through which to guide people. I am feeling a bit confused. 

I was considering what I could make with ceramics to put on the bookcase. As was 
mentioned today in the brief by Grayson Perry, when working with ceramics one has to manage disappointment. I am at a disadvantage having had very little 
experience of ceramics. I was contemplating making ceramic boxes which fill the 
space between the shelves exactly, difficult considering weight of clay & 
shrinkage. So I may revisit fabric as a medium for that purpose as I am 
confident that I can achieve my aim with it. 
That brings me to considering palette and avoiding the decorative. 

Jessie Tait – Homeweave Red c.1953

My interest in mid century ceramics shows 
no signs of waining. Random idea whilst 
walking home today, create this design in 
clay, not as a pattern painted onto clay    but 3D to be used on flat surfaces, table 
tops, shelves, so that nothing else can be 
placed on top because it would be too 
unstable.I know what I mean, hard to 
explain, I shall draw what I mean at some 

Today I contacted my friend who works in a self storage place to see if 
her company could offer me sponsorship, free or cheap storage in which to 
build my installation. She says she'll make some phone calls and let me 

Next steps:
  1.  Draw plan of Homeweave design in clay. 
  2.  Go to Tate Gallery on Wednesday to see Hyundai Commission 2015: Abraham 
       Cruzvillegas: Empty Lot and other installations that deal with space and 
       behaviour because I haven't ruled that out yet. 
  3.  Experiment with fabric blocks idea. 
  4. Continue attempts to make ceramics that can hang over rails. 
    The last 2 attempts broke because I moved them before they had had a biscuit firing.


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