6- 06/02/16 Dysfunction

In my assessment I was asked if my focus has shifted away from space and is now 
more about dysfunction. I think it could be, so for now I am focussing more on 
creating specific ceramics which render pieces of furniture unfit for the 
purpose they were intended for. 

My previous research for CCS as well as creative practice has taught me about 
"total design", creating environments where form is as important as function. 
Great environments have been created when architects, artists, designers and 
psychologists work together thinking about all aspects of a proposed environment,
how it will be used and by whom. 

Hoarded environments have a negative affect on how the environment functions, how 
 it looks and the behaviour and emotions of those that inhabit them. They become 

Hoarding is a behaviour that people engage in mostly following some kind of 
emotional trauma. Objects are easier to deal with than relationships and in some 
cases replace them. Objects can help a person feel in control. But ultimately this strategy backfires leaving the person with a bigger problem and very little 
scope to move forward in a healthy way. 

Hoarding is just one of many behaviours that people engage in following 
emotional trauma. Self medicating using alcohol, drugs, food or sex all 
ultimately perpetuate cycles of dysfunction.  

We all engage in dysfunctional behaviours to a greater or lesser degree. I have 3 family members who also hoard and 3 who clean obsessively. I have also experienced
drug and alcohol abuse and gambling within my family. I think any behaviour 
could become dysfunctional, it's all a question of balance. 

I am hoping that although the inspiration for this work comes from my own 
experiences of hoarding and dysfunction in my family, the viewer will be able to 
relate to it through their own experiences of dysfunction.


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