72 Days- 1

I have neglected the blog! Some of what is about to follow was drafted weeks ago but I haven’t processed any of it so it’s all a bit random and higgledy piggledy. The plan is to just post it anyway so I can move forward. 


Idea 1 ,  Children Should Be Seen & Not Heard, Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth – Tilt furniture with a flat surface by creating a ceramic thing to place under one leg. Maybe a babies head, stick the foot in the mouth. 


Idea 2 , You Can’t Fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole ( or in this case, vice versa ) . Stool seat, inspired by polka dots and foam thing to protect camera equipment; square holes, marbles in the square holes, sheer fabric to prevent them falling through. 



I found this tutorial online. They use concrete. I am wondering if something similar could be done with clay/slip? 


William Adolphe Bouguereau


I chanced upon this artist today and felt an immediate love for his work. I understand why his work was not held in high regard by other artists, he’s not pushing any boundaries or saying anything new, but I find it beautiful despite its sweet, sickliness. I think I am drawn to images such as these as an escape from the darker aspects of life of which I have seen/experienced more than my fair share. I have long had a preoccupation with all things “pink and fluffy”, a survival technique I guess. In this instance I am aware that it is the idealised notions of childhood and motherhood which appeal to me. I think I have a very warped sense of what is “good enough” in terms of family and home because I had no realistic models to aspire to.  


He also used some of the religious and erotic symbolism of the Old Masters, such as the “broken pitcher” which connoted lost innocence.[14]

This is interesting. I wonder what other objects have connotations in 

The idealised world of his paintings brought to life goddesses, nymphs, bathers, shepherdesses, and madonnas in a way that appealed to wealthy art patrons of the era.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 14.00.43

Over the past four years studying art I have identified a number of 
repetitive themes, aesthetics and sources of inspiration in my work. 
My work is always rooted in my own personal experiences.
Previous attempts to deviate from this has resulted in work which I am
not proud of and do not engage in with passion. 


Polka dots, mushrooms, ( fly agaric ) = my nan
Dolls = me
Torn seams "Coming apart at the seams", as an aesthetic and a metaphor
for an emotional state 
Fraying fabric
Not being appreciated or respected as myself
Worn, used

Tessellation Experiments for Ceramic Tablecloth 
  • Thinking of ways to disrupt flat surfaces. 
  • Vintage table cloths 
  • " Coming apart at the seams " Torn seams   



Montage Tesselation Colour

Montage Tesselation Grey




I think this aesthetic would lend itself well to my ceramic stool covers with the babies heads.

Kim Joon 6



“Andy [Warhol] copied my ideas such as repetition and accumulation for his work.” (source)



“Perhaps adults are simply broken children who need help and permission in learning how to play again.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.28.57


Great little video about collecting.

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