After Uni


My final hand in was on Wednesday 18th May. I did it. But now I’m left feeling deflated and depressed despite predicting this some 3 months ago and making plans to avoid the low. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself and it’s ok that I’ve pretty much slept ever since.



We have 4 weeks until the degree show and I have plenty of tweaks to be made to my work as well as preparing the space and installing the show. So it’s not all over yet.



We also have the Free range Show in London in July. Exhibitors get an online portfolio on the Free Range website so I need to do that too.



In August I am going on a  Mediterranean cruise for a week with my good mate Louis which I’m really looking forward to and is much needed. I have never been on a holiday where I haven’t had to cook. I shall return fat as a barrel, 24 access to food!!!!



I am also planning on downsizing and swapping my 3 bedroom house, Steptoe’s Yard, with my nieces very nice 2 bedroom flat . It will be easier and cheaper for Callum and I. I’m a bit worried about the dogs not having access to a garden but it will encourage Callum and I to get out more often which can only be a good thing, better for the dogs too.



This will force me to face all my possessions and get rid of many as they’re not all going to fit in the flat. The thought of this is quite overwhelming but I’m determined to do it, slowly and surely. I need a skip  – no pennies for a skip unfortunately. Umpteen trips to the dump and charity shops will have to suffice.

Whilst I do not see my current work as fully resolved I do have some ideas for another topic for research – hair. The next blog post will be about that.I  hope to keep the momentum going where art is concerned. I do not want to return to being the hermit I was.

The stone, she says, is “beautiful, it’s paleolithic, it’s monumental, it’s dignified, it will never, ever let me down. It’s not going anywhere: it’s a metaphor for what I prefer to live with. I prefer to be single, doing everything I want to do and how I want to do it.” Better than that, it cheers her up. “If I feel really low – anything from ‘I shouldn’t have said that’ to ‘I don’t feel very well’, to ‘I feel a bit lonely’ – I think about the stone and it actually makes me feel better.”





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